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Kleative Agency . Watering Since 2022

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Kleative is a Collective of Creatives with Fresh Minds, Unthinkable Ideas, Catapult Ambitions, and the Goal to Nurture Your Brand with Ideas Beyond Imagination.

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Albert Yong
Chief Everything Officer
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Andi M. Alfayed
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Andrea Aurel
a girl with red hair wearing a black topa woman with long hair wearing a pink and white sweater
Gloria Agustina
Talent Specialist
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Michelle Teodorine
Content Specialist
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Geby Chrestella
Account Executive
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Natasya Liman
Account Executive
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Ronald Jaya
Graphic Designer
Title B r ands W e Nu r t ured
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Define your brand identity through an explorative process from determining your brand strategy to organizing clear visual guidelines.

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social media management

Manage,produce,and publish day-to-day contents on your social media platforms while maintaining a cohesive look according to your brand personality.

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digital marketing

Enhance your brand's digital presence through various methods from Meta ads, KOL management, news media publishing, Meta verified badge, etc.

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creative production

Craft compelling visuals & stories to tell in the format of still images or videos to help deliver your brand's messages to the desired audience.

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ui / ux

Design & develop visually enticing yet functional website, micro-sites , or landing pages to help communicate your brand's message, services, and products.

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digital troubleshoot

Need help retrieving a missing, banned, or ads restricted Meta accounts? We got you covered! Our team of white hackers are ready to solve your issues.


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